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Our firm has enjoyed much success in defending DWI/DUI cases. While the law is largely stacked against the defendant, there are numerous defenses available which can result in a not guilty verdict, or alternatively, a substantial reduction or elimination of suspension time, or an elimination of mandatory jail time by way of Post-Conviction Relief.

Kologi * Simitz has handled literally hundreds of DWI cases, having tried scores to a conclusion. We have an extensive record of appeals to the Law and Appellate Divisions of the Superior Court, and to the New Jersey Supreme Court. One of our significant unreported decisions, State v. Mellage (A-394 9-93), addressed the predicate for the Gastroesophageal Reflux defense, and is included in the Municipal Court Judges Bench Book. We have successfully challenged cases based upon lack of probable cause for the initial stop; technical problems with the Alcotest; deficiencies in blood sample extraction; invalid road blocks; dental appliance retention of mouth alcohol; Drug Recognition Expert testimony; and a myriad of other issues. Our firm also works with a number of expert witnesses who are well versed in all aspects of DWI cases and assist in our clients’ defense.


Our experience in Criminal matters is broad, having handled cases involving: bank robbery, narcotics manufacturing and distribution, aggravated assault, theft, and arson. We also have defended a number of public corruption cases and were successful in working with the State to terminate four major investigations involving public officials without any charges having been filed. Even if a charge is not readily defensible, we endeavor to work with the Prosecution toward negotiation of a satisfactory disposition which has the least onerous impact upon the clients’ record.


Since Municipal Court cases involve harsher penalties than ever before, it is critical to have an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with this area of the law. Mr. Kologi is a former member of the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Municipal Court Certification, and has handled hundreds of such cases, including driving while suspended, reckless and careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, excessive speed and no liability insurance. We also regularly defend quasi-criminal matters including assault, harassment, shop lifting, and criminal trespass, all of  which will result in a mark on ones criminal history if convicted. 


Our firm has long represented injured parties in all types of accident/negligence matters involving automobiles; slip/trip and falls; medical malpractice; and work related injuries. It is imperative that an attorney be engaged quickly in these cases to insure that all pertinent evidence is preserved and witnesses located. An accident victim and their family also needs guidance in collateral areas such as payment of medical bills and receipt of disability benefits. We do everything possible to insure maximum compensation for our clients’ injuries, pain and suffering and economic loss. These matters are taken on a contingency basis and if there is no recovery, there are no legal fees. 


We consider it a tremendous compliment that Judges, Attorneys and Public Officials seek our representation in ethics related matters before the Judicial Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, District Ethics Committees, Disciplinary Review Board and the Local Finance Board, and the School Ethics Commission. Mr. Kologi argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court in an Attorney Ethics case and was successful in obtaining a reversal of a suspension imposed below. The confidence of our peers is highly valued, we do everything possible to preserve their reputations and obtain a favorable result. 


A large segment of our practice is devoted to defending municipalities, counties and their officials in Federal and State courts in civil rights (42 U.S.C. 1983); New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower) lawsuits. We also represent Plaintiffs in such cases, as well as in Consumer Fraud Act and general civil matters.